Australian Striped Marshfrog (Limnodynastes peronii)

This is a light-brown to grey-brown frog with broad, dark stripes down its back and a pointed snout. It may also have a reddish stripe or thin line along the middle of its back. There is a broad, curved, dark stripe from the snout through the nostril, eye and ear disc to the base of its arm; and it has a white or cream fold from below the eye to the arm. The upper half of the iris is golden with the lower half being dark brown. The underside is white. The Striped Marshfrog has long fingers and toes. The toes have a trace of webbing. This frog grows to about 60 mm in length.

The Striped Marshfrog is very abundant in all but the most disturbed urban situations. In Brisbane, this species is usually the first to find and breed in artificial frog ponds. It is common in many forest and rural habitats.

The Striped Marshfrog is found in eastern Australia, from Cape York to Victoria.

You can listen to the distinctive croak of this Marshfrog here: