Australian Frog Species

Some of these frogs are disappearing. With this in mind, we are gathering information about the current status of frog species around the country and compiling it to create an important resource – Status and Conservation of Australian Frogs – which will soon be appearing on this site.

We will be encouraging an assessment into the status of as many of these frog species as possible. The assessment will be continuously updated as new evidence is brought to light, and will be an invaluable tool for community groups and scientists searching for the causes of the recent declines and extinctions of frog populations around Australia.

Credibility is vitally important for a program that must persuade various segments of society that its projects, products and statements are based upon facts, or at least represent the most authoritative judgements available. In light of this, our frogs project has invited Australia’s pre-eminent authorities in frog biology to participate as a Science Advisory Panel. These scholars had previously formed the Editorial Advisory Committee for the preparation of the Commonwealth’s Action Plan for Australian Frogs.

The panel’s purpose is to provide an authoritative and comprehensive perspective on frog conservation issues across Australia. Its members will identify research and conservation priorities, both regionally and phylogenetically, and recommend techniques and methodologies to address them.

In the program’s first year, the Science Advisory Panel made steady progress towards producing an assessment of the conservation status of Australia’s entire frog fauna. The resulting document, Status and Conservation of Australian Frogs, will appear only in electronic format on this website. It will invite input from the entire community of Australian frog-conservation biologists, and will be routinely updated. The results will be available to everyone.