Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk (Limnodynastes terraereginae)

This highly distinctive rotund frog is about 75 mm in length. The back is dark grey, brown or black. Its sides and upper arms have an irregular orange or yellow colouring. The groin and hind surfaces of the thighs are bright red. A swollen gland is visible on the upper surface of the lower hind leg. A thick orange, yellow or cream fold of skin runs from below the eye to the arm. The underside is white or yellow. The fingers are unwebbed and the toes only have traces of webbing.

Scarlet-sided Pobblebonks are usually found in areas where there is intact open woodland or sclerophyll forest. They are burrowing frogs and often seen after rain.

The Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk is found from Cape York, through eastern and central Queensland to northern NSW.

You can listen to the the unique croak of the Australian Pobblebonk here: