The Graceful Treefrog (Litoria gracilenta)

An adult Graceful Treefrog is about 45mm in length. Its back is dark to bright green and its belly is yellow. A green patch on its forearm is surrounded by yellow. The upper surfaces of its thighs are rich purple or purple-brown. Graceful Treefrog eyes are orange and have a lime-green or yellow eyebrow. Their fingers are almost fully webbed and their toes are fully webbed.

The Graceful Treefrog is found in a variety of habitats including rainforest, wet and dry sclerophyll forests, swamps, and disturbed suburban areas. By day, it rests with its limbs tucked close to its body.

Graceful Treefrogs are found from Cape York to northern NSW, from the Great Dividing Range to the coast.

Listen to this frog croak here: