The Naked Treefrog (Litoria rubella)

This small, flattened frog’s colour varies from grey, reddish brown to purple in colour. A dark stripe starts on its nose and runs through the eye, often extending down the side of the body and separating the dark back and lighter belly. A small, dark patch of skin may extend diagonally up and forwards from the base of the hind legs. The fingers have a little webbing and the toes are about half-webbed. Naked Treefrogs grow to 45 mm in length.

The Naked Treefrog is common in drier rural settlements. They often shelter in water tanks, cisterns and shower blocks. Naked Treefrogs are also known as Purple, Red, Brown or Desert Treefrogs.

This frog has the widest distribution of any frog in Australia. It can be found north of a line extending from central southern NSW, across the continent to Shark Bay in WA.

Listen to this frog here: